Summer On The Buses

A lot has changed since I wrote my last post. I'm no longer a full-time carer. I'm now working in finance, so I won't have much time to travel around this summer. I'm also trying to pay off a few bills, which will take up a lot of my disposable income. I'm planning to spend any free time I have with my son this summer using his travel pass to take some bus trips.

The Scottish Government offer a travel pass to children over the age of five who are claiming Disability Living Allowance, and qualify for the middle rate care component or the low-rate mobility component, or higher. There's also free travel for one companion. Because my son qualifies for this, we can have free travel on buses in Scotland or receive a discount on train travel. The only public transport that doesn't qualify for a free trip or discount are ferries.

the waverley paddle steamer largs ayrshire

This is something that every family with a child claiming DLA should look into. It's a great way to travel, is better for the environment than travelling everywhere in a car and helps your little one's social skills. I'm teaching Luke to hand over his own pass and tell the driver where he's going. It's a life skill that he needs to learn.

I'd like to travel as far as possible on the buses and show Luke as much of Scotland as possible. I have a lot of days off in between my shifts at work and if the weather is good, all the better. I'll post as many pictures and blogs as possible, but there obviously won't be as many as I thought there might be, when I was a full-time carer.

Where will you be venturing to this summer?


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