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Welcome To Ayrshire

Welcome to Broken Heels, my travel blog. Since I'm a full-time carer, I don't do a lot of travelling these days, but I do explore my own back door as much as possible and I've made it my mission to write an article about every town in the county of Ayrshire, where I live.
I had the idea when a very distant relative contacted me through the My Heritage website to check if I was her 4th cousin once removed. It turns out I am living in the Stewarton area, exactly where her ancestors and mine lived back in the early 19th century. In 200 years, my branch of the family tree has stayed firmly rooted in Ayrshire and I'm fiercely proud of my Ayrshire roots. I thought it might be a good idea to start a site where people who want to know more about Ayrshire can visit and see pictures and stories of what the county looks like now.
This is my index page where you can find links to all the towns I'm planning to write about on this site and as I write the articles, I'll link…

Under Construction

Hello, and welcome to Broken Heels, which is launching in the summer of 2019. Please return then.

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